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Valley City Sign employs trained graphic designers who have credible expertise in how to most effectively communicate your image. Signage applications are unique in that the communication to the viewer needs to be instantaneous; therefore, careful consideration must be given to color, contrast, letter style and letter height in a way that only enhances the company's image.


Wayfinding is an intricate part of the total sign package available at Valley City Sign. We offer site surveys that assess your facility and we will create a sign system that provides easy directions to various destinations. We offer the services of an experienced design team that is highly qualified in creating an entire sign package suited to your custom needs. At Valley City Sign we coordinate each design to achieve a uniform identity while accomplishing very effective wayfinding.

Efficiently oversee every aspect of your signage project with our comprehensive project management services, ensuring seamless execution from concept to installation.

Client projects each have a unique set of criteria that must be evaluated before the design and planning stages can begin. Our sales consultants and design staff work together to form a Project Management Team to help clients visualize and develop signage unique to a client’s requirements. Planning the production and installation is efficiently performed utilizing our computerized scheduling system allowing us to foresee and proactively resolve issues, react to daily changes quickly and ensure on time delivery of your project. 

Crafting Excellence: Our Signage Fabrication Delivers Impeccable Quality and Design, Bringing Your Vision to Life
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We Beyond Creation: Discover Our Signage Service and Maintenance, Ensuring Longevity and Vibrancy of Your Brand's Visual Presence

Our fabrication process has evolved through the years. Skilled employees are crucial to signage quality and our setting promotes efficiency for maximizing creativity. Our CNC router is programmed from the same file the production drawing is produced, avoiding duplication and minimizing chance for errors. Manufacturing flow design ensures that signs proceed efficiently. 


Our installation department is highly skilled and experienced, consisting of licensed sign specialists and their assistants. A sign specialist license is required by the State of Michigan to legally work on any illuminated sign. Valley City Sign will install all signs according to code, obtaining permits when necessary.


The State of Michigan requires any installer servicing or installing an electrical sign to have a Sign Specialist License, requiring 4,000 hours and two years of experience. Our sign specialists have attended a pre-qualification class prior to taking and passing the State of Michigan Certification Test and are trained on the current National Electric Code. 

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